The Easy Way to Make a Sunscreen

This article presents easy ways to develop sun care formulations with the best UV filters and key ingredients. Designing and manufacturing a sunscreen has become more and more complex. Technology has improved to cover UVA protection and also performance standards have become more stringent over the years. The first step to overcome the complexity of designing a sunscreen is using an easy tool such as, the BASF Sunscreen Simulator, available at In silico design is the easiest way to get an overview of the performance of various UV filter combinations. Easy-handling UV filters, as aqueous dispersions or solutions in oil, can be used to increase the SPF of sunscreens while maintaining sufficient UVA protection, or to make sunscreens via cold process. The easiest way to make a sunscreen we can imagine, would be by using a sunscreen concentrate that turns into a sunscreen by just adding water. BASF has indeed developed such a concentrate, called Uvinul Easy. Any sunscreen between SPF 6 and SPF 50 can be readily manufactured; for a desired SPF X one simply has to dilute the Uvinul Easy concentrate to X %.