The Solution for a Comfortable Skin Feel and Superior Skin Care in Body Wash

Showering, bathing, daily facial cleansing, the frequent application of skin cleansers that contain surfactants can strain and dehydrate the skin or cause irritation. To avoid unpleasant side effects like these, consumers wish for products that cleanse the skin effectively without harming the skin barrier. In addition, they are looking for products that offer soothing effects, e.g. through lipid-balancing properties and which leave their skin soft and smooth. The BASF Personal Care experts Ute Griesbach, Matthias Hloucha, Annette Mehling and Daniela Prinz describe the challenges faced by modern skin cleansing products and point out new solutions. In the course of this, they share insights into the performance profile of Lamesoft OD, a new microemulsion that was developed in response to current consumer needs: it features a high amount of lipids and can easily be worked into formulations that contain surfactants, thereby allowing for transparent oil-containing formulations. Shower gels that contain this microemulsion effect a measurable deposition of the oil component on the skin after washing and provide sensorially pleasant showering experiences.